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It's no surprise that 2020 is not too far away. In this fast-growing digital world everything shifting very swiftly than we think. So you guys have any guess, where we are now? We at bitdeal with an increasing number of expert blockchain developers can provide you custom and offshore blockchain development services with higher confidential and immutability. Hire our Blockchain developers.


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2 Its no surprise that 2020 is not too far away. In this fast-growing digital world everything shifting very swiftly than we think. So you guys have any guess where we are now Come along with me through this blog to see the most interesting and innovative Business that takes benefits of blockchain.

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3 Obviously our earth has been facing a continuous evolution in both technology and the economy. As a result of this technology development it will give emergence to services industries and business innovations. Blockchain the technology which became so popular for its high cybersecurity capabilities.

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4 Actually Blockchain is a type of network that the bitcoin uses. By knowing its importance many industries like supply chain healthcare Education Telecom Industry and Banking started to utilize this technology to improve their industries.

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6 As supply chain management is a very important part of the business process it comprises various functions that start with meeting customers’ requirements and development marketing operations distribution networks finance and customer service.

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7 Blockchain in supply chain and logistics can provide better processing of SCM and helps in reaching the right customers with the right products/services at the right time. There are many supply chain and logistics industry that has been implemented blockchain technology for their betterment.

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9 The market of education in the blockchain is improving higher than expected and is estimated to reach 93.76 billion globally by 2020. The Head spinning part of education os accounting which requires time and people to calculate and maintain the finance of an institute. This involves the calculation of employee/ staff salary student fees maintenance and operational costs of that institute.

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10 The use of blockchain in education has paved a way for the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payments/fees for courses in many institutes. This may result in an easier and transparent way for both students as well as the institutes.

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12 In every hospital the management needs to store and secure every detail of each patient. The records don’t have the only check-in and check-out time instead it contains the health issue details purchase of medicines accommodation and the use of other facilities.

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14 1. Data Provenance and integrity 2. Data Security 3. Data Transparency 4. Drug Traceability 5. Easy to maintain Electronic Health Records HER

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