How Blockchain Technology Can Transform Telecom Industry?


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Find out how blockchain technology can disrupt the telecom industry, also explore the blockchain use cases in the telecom industry.


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How Blockchain Technology Can Transform Telecom Industry

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When compared to other marketplaces The number of people using smartphones and mobile internet is found to be very huge in India That’s ‘why we have chosen India and its network services provider for better understanding 2

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The leading Network Players: Telecom Industry When compared to other countries the Indian telecom sector is found to have a big competition after the arrival of Reliance Jio the competition has become like a bull run. Yes with the free network services JIO has gained 50 million users in just 83 days of its launch and has gained 100 million subscribers at the end of 2017. Based on the market share and customer base the list ascends as follows. As of May 2018 3

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1. Airtel Yearly Revenue: 15 Billion Shared Ownership: Bharti enterprises and Sing Tel 64 and 36 Market Share: 24.85 Customer Base: 303 Million 4

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“ 2. Idea Yearly Revenue: 5.5 Billion Shared Ownership: Aditya Birla and Axiata 64 and 36 Market Share: 16.83 Customer Base: 200 Million 5

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3. Vodafone India Revenue: 6.6 Billion Ownership: Vodafone Group plc Market Share: 18.20 Customer Base: 208 Million 6

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7 4. BSNL Revenue: 5.1 Billion Ownership: Government of India Market Share: 11 Customer Base: 100 Million

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5. Reliance Revenue: 3.5 Billion Ownership: Reliance ADAG 90 and SSTL 10 Market Share: 0.06 Customer Base: 12 Million 8

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6. JIO Revenue: 800 Million Ownership: Reliance Industries Market Share: 15.31 Customer Base: 186 Million 9

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The Revenue Model of Telecom Industry The common business model of the telecom industry “Connecting peoples through calls messages and other services. This is what we know but none of us know what techniques they are using to generate revenues. 1. Cost per Minute Acquiring charge of connecting STD LOCAL ISD calls per Minute 2. Subscribers Retention - Frequent calls about Offers Free services Extra plans and etc 3. Reaching the Rural People To extend the network growth 4. Revenue through Internet connectivity services 10

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11 Apart from the other two the second one seems to be a weird one. Because in this case network service providers collect our personal data like our DOB Shopping details Online Booking details and etc. So based on this acquired data they used to give the most appropriate offers and services in order to pull back to their business funnel. Know more about How Blockchain Transform Telecom Industry.

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Blockchain Development Company 12

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