What are the Important Benefits Of DApps


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What are the Important Benefits Of DApps www.bitdeal.net

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What are Decentralized Applications Decentralized Application Structure depends on a team environment at various levels in the business. Individuals at each level in the business may have some autonomy to make business decisionsI.e from higher level to lower level 2 www.bitdeal.net

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Example Apps Factom- the open-source record-keeping system that is unalterable. Status - where users can send payments to each other enter into a smart contract 3 www.bitdeal.net

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Important Benefits of Dapps Completely Open Source : Decentralized Blockchain : Build-in-security: Token-Based: www.bitdeal.net

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“ Completely Open Source : Open Source in the sense it can operate autonomously and maintains the tokens without anyone intervention. The application can modify its protocol but the changes must be decided by the consensus of its users. 5 www.bitdeal.net

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“ Decentralized Blockchain: To Avoid a central point of failure the data and records of application are stored cryptographically in a public decentralized Blockchain. Cryptography involves the process of securing the information that cannot be read without a key to decrypt it 6 www.bitdeal.net

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“ Build-in-security: As the data are recorded in a peer to peer Decentralized network it strongly supports security. Hence DApps by its nature has the ability to safeguard against any malicious and fraudulent activities. 7 www.bitdeal.net

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“ Token-Based Miners are rewarded with a token for their effort during the mining process. Most of the dApps that use cryptocurrencies create an internal token unique to the platform. Check out more about the Benefits of DApp 8 www.bitdeal.net

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Why Bitdeal The Advancement of blockchain is unavoidable. We at Bitdeal providing you a high-end service for Dapp development. Having a separate team of A+ expertise Blockchain developers who have exposure in developing and deploying custom offshore private public Blockchain and Ethereum dapp development. 9 www.bitdeal.net

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