Driving Safety Tips for Wet and Rainy Conditions


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DRIVING SAFETY TIPS For Wet and Rainy Conditions

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Fleet drivers need to be extra cautious when driving in wet and rainy conditions. Wet roads and rain can affect a driver’s abilities a vehicle’s performance and pavement friction increasing the risk of accidents. According to AAA wet pavement contributes to 1.2 accidents annually. Consider these 5 safe driving tips to avoid accidents in wet and rainy conditions…

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Tip 1: Perform Vehicle Inspections • Require your drivers to perform a vehicle inspection before and after using a vehicle. • Provide a checklist that takes drivers through the inspection. • The inspection should include inspecting the windshield wiper blades and washer fluid checking the tire tread depth and pressure and examining the headlights taillights brake lights turn signals etc. • Replace any worn or damaged parts.

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Tip 2: Turn Your Lights On • Make sure the vehicles lights are clean and working properly. • Use low beam headlights when its raining. • If it’s raining very heavily use the four-way flashers. Rain inhibits a drivers visibility. To ensure your drivers can see and be seen on the road:

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Tip 3: Slow Down Avoid Sharp Movements • Drive slower than usual. • Allow more stopping distance between other vehicles. • Avoid erratic movements including sharp steering or braking. • Plan your movements in advance whether accelerating braking turning or changing lanes. Wet conditions increase the risk of hydroplaning.

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Tip 4: Avoid Cruise Control • To maintain control of the vehicle do not use cruise control in wet or rainy conditions. • Cruise control can slow down a drivers reaction time and affect his/her ability to decelerate stop or turn safely.

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Tip 5: Know How to React to Skidding • Remain calm • DO NOT slam on the brakes • Take your foot off the gas • For anti-lock brakes: Apply firm steady pressure • For standard brakes: Lightly tap the brakes Skidding can occur even when drivers are cautious. If it occurs:

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MORE INFORMATION Contact CEI Network for more information on driver safety and to learn about our accident prevention and fleet driver management solutions. 215-364-8237 salesceinetwork.com

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