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Visit - Cosmosweb to get a free quote on Web Development, SEO, SMM and various online marketing services. Know about Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tips in Dubai, UAE to maximize your SEO and SMM efforts.


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Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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Colour Psychology Tips Different colours mean different things and convey different emotions. Red, orange, black, and light blue are for the impulse buyers, the people who buy something just as soon as they see it. Males like bright & ecstatic tints. Women like soft & soothing shades. Visit for more information or call +971 4 4579498

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Copywriting Conversion Tips Use power words. Talk about why the customer or a visitor needs you. Focus on your benefits, not on what your prospect will lose if they don’t use your product or service. Before writing any of the real copy, write down the benefits and solutions your product/service provides. Visit for more information or call +971 4 4579498

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Landing Page Tips Create different landing pages for different user types from different traffic sources. What works for one demographic might not work for the next. On each landing page, there should be exactly one thing that you want people to do. If there are multiple elements/actions competing for the user’s attention, you’re doing something wrong. Visit for more information or call +971 4 4579498

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Split (A/B) Testing Tips The job of split-testing and constantly improving your conversion rate will never end. Make a hypothesis before starting a test. You need to have the end goal in mind if you really want to end up anywhere. Run an A/B test with a video-based landing page and a text-based landing page. Visit for more information or call +971 4 4579498

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