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CDR Report Sample for Chemical Engineers

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CDR Report Sample for Chemical Engineers Since the economy of Australia is growing exponentially with the spectacular economic boom in Oil and Gas and mining sector there is a greater need of Chemical Engineers with relevant international experience. In order to eliminate the critical shortages of chemical engineering to overcome the delay in projects the skilled migration visas are opened for Chemical Engineers by Australian Government. The required qualification for entering this occupation is a bachelor degree or higher along with relevant experience in some cases. CDR report sample for Chemical Engineers includes all the required reports such as Curriculum Vitae CV Continuing Professional Development CPD three Career Episodes CE and Summary Statement. The content of the CDR Report Samples is given below:

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CDR Report Sample for Chemical Engineers Curriculum Vitae CV: Resume on the basis of a professional template. Continuing Professional Development CPD: The sample of CPD clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant – 127 words. Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 1: “Production of Acetaldehyde” – 2095 words Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 2: “Steam Activated Carbon Plant” – 2100 words Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 3: “Developing Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder Section and Optimizing it” – 1930 words Chemical Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Detail explanation of all the competency element– 2020 words

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Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 1 Project Name: Production of Acetaldehyde In the first Career Episode the author provides comprehensive detail on the project titled as “Production of Acetaldehyde”. He carried out this project when he was working as an Executive Trainee. The important roles and responsibilities he reflected in this project were: Carry out the selection of the process for the production of acetaldehyde. Formulate the flowchart and make the instrument for the formation of acetaldehyde. Carry out the calculation of the mass balance and heat balance and reaction for the specified chemical reaction. Carry out the acetaldehyde production from the dehydration of ethanol. Separate produced acetaldehyde conduct test to guarantee the quality of product and document the result.

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Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 2 Project Name: Steam Activated Carbon Plant In second Career Episode the author discusses the project he carried out when he was working as Chemical Technician titled as “Steam Activated Carbon Plant”. His key responsibilities were: To establish the suitable methods and techniques for productive improvement of the project work till the end. To perform numerous calculation related to the quantity of the raw materials needed along with an approximation of the overall project cost. To establish the suitable design of the manufacturing of the activated carbon in the plant. To perform an analysis as well as investigation in relation to the feasibility of the project taking the design and economic factors into consideration. To establish a test analysis of complete activities and design of the project as well as analyze the results.

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Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 3 Project Name: Developing Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder Section and Optimizing it In third Career Episode the author explains the project he was involved during Master’s Degree Study which was named as “Developing Tabulation of Additive Consumption in the Extruder Section and Optimizing it”. The author had following responsibilities in this project: To study various methods involved in an oil refinery To study petrochemical materials and their method for the process of manufacturing To study Naphtha cracker and other methods contained in the refinery To study integration between refinery and naphtha complex To study about chemical materials utilized for the refinery

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