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Sustainability :

Sustainability Christine Didas PLN 7


Overview Having technology in classrooms can be very beneficial. It is hard for schools to get the funds to not only get technology but also keep up to date on the current technology. Schools with better technology than others will have a greater advantage over the other.

Sources of Funding:

Sources of Funding Local and State Taxes School and Department Budgets Business and Community Partnership Grants

Continued Sources oF funding:

Continued Sources oF funding University and private agencies Instructional textbook funds Parent and Business partner donations

Federal Funding:

Federal Funding EETT-New state grant program TLCF Program- Old state grant program E-Rate program- Gives discounts for technology

Federal Funding:

Federal Funding Through funding the digital divide can be demolished. There is now a 20% difference between high-poverty and low-poverty schools access to internet in 2000. Few low-poverty schools lack internet access now.


Upgrading Technology becomes outdated quickly. Hard for schools to maintain current technology. Through funding schools can receive upgrades in up to date technology.

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Funding Video

Technology in Oregon:

Technology in Oregon 19 districts received grants for technology-federal 21st Century Technology-Rich Learning and Teaching grants. Received a total of $6,724,211 of grant money. Through these grants these districts are able to improve their teaching and student engagement.

Future Planning:

Future Planning Life-Cycle Budgeting Typical life of of hardware is 2-5 years and can budget around that. Balance funds- 50% on hardware, 20% on instructional software and 30% on training.


Closing It is hard for schools to get the money to implement the technology they want in their schools. Through grants and different programs, schools can find the means to receive the money for this technology.


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