Dana Abbott Band original song Oo We La La

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Dana Abbott Band performed their original song Oo We La La for the Blues in da Parish Festival CD. bluesindaparish.com


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Dana Abbott Band:

Dana Abbott Band Oo We Lala


Introduction The Dana Abbott Band – a rock, rhythm and blues dynamo – are the hottest up and coming band in New Orleans. Rave reviews surround their powerful presentation of soulful New Orleans music.

Dana Abbott:

Dana Abbott Dana Abbott, raised in a small Vermont town, always had a taste for big city blues. After moving to Chicago at 18, she later began recording in New Orleans and quickly fell in love with its hazy mysterious vibe.

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"Her singing makes every song feel personal and deep. " Noah Bourdeu - Got to Keep Movin

Crowd favorite...:

Crowd favorite...

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“Each performance is a beautiful expression of the human spirit .…” Erin Payne - Musicians Magazine Cincinnati OH

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“The Dana Abbott Band is one of Louisiana's hottest musical acts .....” HappyLand - website for Baton Rouge nightlife



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“If Dana Abbott’s smoky, soothing voice doesn’t immediately win you over, great songwriting certainly will.” Georgianne Nienaber - Oped News

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“Abbott's songs were dark, rippling and atmospheric, like taking the time to study the patterns of light on the Mississippi River at night .” Cathy Hughes – The Times Picayune



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“ What an amazing and unique voice!” Adam Levine – The Voice

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The band continually stretches the bounds of New Orleans music, turning ears and shaking hips wherever they perform.

Club Favorite…:

Club Favorite…

Down to earth…:

Down to earth…

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