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This is about CCMR affordable housing program


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CCMR Partners Blog: 

CCMR Partners Blog This is the beach at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. If you see me walking along the beach or on the boardwalk just say, 'Hi Rocky!' Rehoboth Beach, Delaware March 24th, 2007 Rev. Rocky Thomas, Founder/C.E.O. Mailing Address: 18766 John J. William’s Hwy. Suite 4, #312 Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Mission Statement: CCMR International Ministries is an independent, nonprofit ministry, whose mission is to reach people for Christ, both home and abroad, with the saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Slogan : Be Christ Centered – Be more real! Colors: Maroon, navy blue and white. Purpose: To do our utmost, with God's provision, to reach people for Christ both home and abroad. One of the ways we will do this is to provide affordable housing in Delaware. Details Inside!

Affordable Housing!: 

Affordable Housing! We know what it is like not to have affordable housing. The first year we came to Delaware we couldn’t find affordable housing for our own needs. In fact, we had to sleep in the car for 7 nights because we couldn’t afford paying $70.00 or more per night for a motel room to stay. The best deal we could find was to pay $350.00 weekly for just a motel room costing us $1,290 monthly. We rented a two bedroom condo at $900.00 monthly with a $900.00 deposit for a total cost of $1,800 the first month. This was in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Before that we rented one with one bedroom and a small room we used for a bedroom for $500.00 monthly plus a security deposit. We will start building 240 units at a time. When we get these 240 units filled us we will start another 240 units until we reach our 3,600 units. We believe in helping those that can help themselves and to be a blessing in time of need. It is one thing to be a blessing and not use a blessing. If you have a need we want to help. But! If you want to take advantage of what we have to fulfill a need then be gone

Working Together!: 

Working Together! Working Together In Partnership We Can Help Others.

Floor Plan of Apartment Unit: 

Floor Plan of Apartment Unit

Details About Floor Plan: 

Details About Floor Plan

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