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Payroll Administrator diploma or courses online prepares students for a career for the job of Payroll Administration. It is always useful because Each Business needs Accountants and Payroll Administrator! Call us at 416-907-4733


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Payroll Administrator Diploma and Courses

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Objective Students participating in Payroll Administrator diploma will learn essential bookkeeping and payroll skills. They will gain in-depth knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures including the preparation of financial statements business transactions accounts payable accounts receivable and HST. 2

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Description The Payroll Administrator diploma prepares students for a career in the thriving field of Financial Administration. Canadian College of Business Science Technology enables graduates from our program to not only manage the financial aspect of their future administrative duties but thoroughly prepares graduates to manage payroll formality on a broader scale. 3 3

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Course Outline ➢ CPA - Payroll Compliance Legislation ➢ CPA - Payroll Fundamentals 1 ➢ CPA - Payroll Fundamentals 2 4

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Course Outcomes

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➢ Use the double entry system and accounting cycle ➢ Understand HST and file HST returns ➢ Enter accounting information in A/R A/P perform reconciliations ➢ Prepare financial statements i.e. balance sheets income statements and expenses ➢ Gain knowledge of Payroll and its Compliance Environment ➢ Demonstrate an understanding of Employment Insurance Requirements ➢ Prepare Records of Employment and Workers Compensation Remittances ➢ Prepare invoices journal entries ledger and financial reports ➢ Enter payroll hours prepare pay cheques and pay statements ➢ Understand Provincial and Territorial Legislation in Quebec and Non-Quebec jurisdictions 6

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Career Opportunities ➢ Payroll Officer ➢ Payroll and Benefits Administrator ➢ Payroll Assistant ➢ Pay Advisor ➢ Time Clerk ➢ Payroll Clerk ➢ Salary Administration Officer 7

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Course Duration 15 Weeks 8

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9 Scarborough_Campus Address: 208-4900 Sheppard Avenue East Toronto Ontario M1S 4A7. CANADA Number: 416-907-4733 Email: Contact Us Brampton_Campus Address: Unit 110 350 Rutherford Road South Plaza 2 Brampton Ontario L6W 4N6 CANADA Number: 416-907-7908 Email: NorthYork_Campus Address: 305- 5001 Yonge street North York Ontario M2N 6R9Canada Number: 416-800-8833 Email:

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