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Welcome to Fourth Grade! 2012-2013:

Welcome to Fourth Grade! 2012-2013 Fourth Grade is DINO-mite!

Meet Mrs. Burnell:

Meet Mrs. Burnell I have taught preschool for five years, but this is my FIRST year to teach fourth grade . I have a daughter named Huntleigh . She is sixteen months old! I like to play sports and go shoe shopping! I’m very excited to be YOUR teacher! 

Questions for YOU!:

Questions for YOU! What are YOU looking forward to this year? What are you NOT looking forward to this year?

Starting the Day!:

Starting the Day! 8:00- Classroom Opens!! You may see me in the class before 8:00. I will be preparing for the day so please wait until 8:00 to come into class  Quietly place your daily planner on your desk so that I can take attendance. 8:10- Class begins and attendance is taken. You will be counted tardy if you are not in the classroom when the bell rings at 8:10.

Your Desk:

Your Desk What to keep in your desk: Paper, pencils, notebook, school books, ect . What NOT to keep in your desk: All graded papers go home for your parents to see. No toys or electronics. If you bring them in, either leave them in your backpack or I will hold on to them for the day. 

Our Classroom!:

Our Classroom! Floor Must be clean at the end of the day Desk Needs to be neat and organized at all times. Supplies If you need extra supplies for class, ask me and I will let you get something from the “extra supplies” basket.

Quick and Quiet! Our Motto!:

Quick and Quiet! Our Motto! When we line up for lunch.. Quick and Quiet! When we go to the restroom.. Quick and Quiet! When we line up for recess.. Quick and Quiet! When we walk down the hall.. You guessed it…Quick and Quiet!! 

During Class..:

During Class.. Be COURTEOUS to your friends Raise your hand when you wish to speak Comments and Questions Listen when others are speaking Be RESPECTFUL to your friends, your property, and to me 

Most Importantly…:

Most Importantly… Have a GREAT day! Leave each day a better person than the day before  Its going to be a DINO-mite year!!!!

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