Tips for Preventing Wet Basements in Minnesota

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Tips for Preventing Wet Basements in Minnesota Winter of 2016 in Minnesota promises to be pleasant with just the right amount of snow precipitation to make it an exciting holiday for family and friends. Water is the most essential element to sustain life. It is also be a dangerous enemy to a property in Minnesota. Water seepage and excessive ingress can cause damage such as rot ice dams decay in foundations and odor causing mold. Tackling water damage is serious business in Minnesota. Symptoms of wet basements Ground freezing aided by less than recommended water slopes called negative grades allow water to accumulate against the foundation and basement walls. The following signs are symptoms of the basement under attack.  Mold and fungus formation on the walls  Dampness starting from mild to excessive  White powder crystal structure on walls  Odors signifying dampness Extreme symptoms take the form of  Water sweating from the walls. They appear as little waterfalls.  Clay silt surfacing inside basement  Corners cracking  Unevenness in flooring Home inspection services recommend solutions for wet basement repair in Minnesota caused by defects such as ground sloping towards basement walls leading to leaky basement issues due to water accumulation over time. Complete Building Solutions CBS is a leading construction consulting company in Minnesota that undertakes an assessment of common construction defects. Their experience of over forty

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years in the study of basement issues roof ice dam problems allow them to offer complete building systems solutions. Among the complete building Inspections in MN made by companies such as CBS waterproofing of basement both from inside and outside is a standard recommendation along with radon mitigation crawl space encapsulation and foundation repair. If the recommended measures for basement water control are correctly implemented then eliminating basement seepage problems can be efficient and permanent.

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