Emerging and Future Technology

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Emerging and Future Technology:

Emerging and Future Technology Carolyn Bonham-Shears : Dr. David Thornburg Student# A00141410 Carolyn.bonham-shears@waldenu.edu May 25, 2012

SCC Supply Closet:

SCC Supply Closet

Overhead Projector to a Digital Projector:

Overhead Projector to a Digital Projector

Tetrad Of Obsolete technology:

Tetrad Of Obsolete technology

Tetrad of emerging technology:

Tetrad of emerging technology

My Interviewers:

My Interviewers Director of Computer I I T

The View: Information Technology _ Mr. Sinale :

The View: Information Technology _ Mr. Sinale

The View: Technology_ Ms. Lopez:

The View: Technology_ Ms. Lopez

Six Forces:

Six Forces

Six Forces:

Six Forces

Evolution Technology:

Evolution Technology A technology goes through a predictable, nonlinear process in which becomes more powerful overtime(Thornburg,2009)

Evolutionary Technologies:

Evolutionary Technologies Dual Overhead Projector Digital Projector Late 1950’s and early 1960’s education 1990’s to 21 st Century in higher education

Rhymes of Times :

Rhymes of Times “The effects or impact of a new technology to rekindle something from the past” (Thourburg,2009)


RHYMES OF TIMES Movie Theater Higher Education

Disruptive Technology:

Disruptive Technology “New technology with same functionality of an existing technology, but it functions more efficiently and then the obsoletes that technology” (Thornburg, 2009)

Disruptive Technology:

Disruptive Technology Overhead Projector Digital Projector

Science Fiction:

Science Fiction “ New technology emerges from science based science fiction” (Thornburg,2009 )

Science Fiction “The Rat Swallower” Magic Lantern :

Science Fiction “The Rat Swallower” Magic Lantern http:// www.galanteeshow.be/laternad.html Clip here: Watch the movie

Total Recall:

Total Recall

Increasing Returns:

Increasing Returns “ Two innovation hit the market at about the same time. By chance one technology, but it functions more efficiently and then obsoletes that technology” (Thornburg,2009)

Red Queens:

Red Queens “ Huge competition between two technologies; in the process all other competitors are left behind” (Thornburg,2009 )

The Future of Digital Projector:

The Future of Digita l Projector “These technologies can make life easier , can let us touch people we might not otherwise” (Steve Jobs, 1996)

Future: Holographic Video:

Future: Holographic Video Black eye Peas

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