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Workshop for Voicethread


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Voicethread : 

Tutorial By Carolyn Bonham-Shears Voicethread Purpose for this website demonstration is to guide teachers in using VoiceThread by uploading multi- media assignment and using collaborative tools. URL: www.voicethread.com

What is Voicethread?: 

What is Voicethread ? a

VoiceThread is Free: 

VoiceThread is Free

Step One: 

Step One

Step 2: 

Step 2

Step 3 Image: 

Step 3 Image

Step 4 Identify: 

Step 4 Identify

Step 5 Upload: 

Step 5 Upload

Step 6– Media source: 

Step 6– Media source

Step 7- Upload PowerPoint “ All About Me”: 

Step 7 - Upload PowerPoint “ All About Me”

Step 8 How to title your media: 

Step 8 How to title your media

Step 9 Share: 

Step 9 Share

Step 10 Communication: 

Step 10 Communication


References www.voicethread.com