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Facial Anatomy Cadaver Lab FA CI A L A NATO MY CA D AVE R LA B FA CI A L A NATO MY CA D AVE R LA B Whether you are injecting clients or performing laser treatments it is important to have a profound knowledge of the head and neck anatomy. This full day course will provide individuals with an in-depth review of facial anatomy 3 hours and hands-on experience in the cadaver lab 3 hours.   Course Objectives: ✓ ✓ Employ appropriate anatomical terminology ✓ ✓ Identify major muscular vascular and nervous structures in the head and neck region ✓ ✓ Identify anatomical locations of needles and topography of injection sites ✓ ✓ Identify the correct placement and injection techniques in relation to the underlying facial anatomy through inspection and discussion Topics covered in class include: Facial and masticator muscles Head and neck supercial blood vessels Head and neck supercial nerves Anatomical locations of the needles and topography of the injection site CO URS E NO TI FI CATI O NS CO URS E NO TI FI CATI O NS Be the rst to know when new course dates and promotions for the Cadaver Lab are available. Indicates required eld Sign up for course notifications Book Your Spot Now For more information please contact us. First Last Name Email Phone Number

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Upcoming Labs:  April 25 2019 - Full only 3 hours in Cadaver lab Price: All prices are plus local applicable taxes Non-members c1100 Members  c999

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