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Eminem :

Eminem By: Caylan Curtis & Lindsey Rushman

Marshall Mathers:

Marshall Mathers Marshall Bruce Mathers III also known as Eminem was born on October 17, 1972. He started out by giving himself the stage name M&M referenced by his initials but then later began writing it as “Eminem”. He was born in St. Joseph, Missouri but now resides in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, and actor. Eminem started rapping in 1988 and is still going to this day. He was the best-selling artist of the 2000’s in the United States.


Childhood Eminem never knew his father Marshall Mathers Jr. even though Eminem had reached out to him many times. Eminem was raised by his single mother Deborah Mathers that couldn’t keep a stable job. Eminem and his mother moved back and forth between Missouri and Detroit often in housing projects. This left a large impact on his personality causing him to not have friends and to get into confrontations with other students around him.

Early Life:

Early Life Eminem was very critical on how his mother raised him. Through his song lyrics, he claimed she had taken prescription drugs and abused him but his mother continuously denied it. In 1999, after Eminem’s career has finally began, his mother sued him for these claims of abuse and drug addiction for 10 million dollars but they settled the case for 25,000 dollars. Eminem ended up dropping out of high school at the age of 17 but had a love for English. In his free time, he would read the dictionary and comic books.

Early Life (continued) :

Early Life (continued) Because of his love for English he found a way to express himself through the emerging genre of hip hop. Rap music was mostly produced by black people but that didn't ’ t stop Eminem. He entered himself into rap battles in the Detroit rap scene. Despite his race, Eminem was highly skilled with his raps and he became one of the most respected rappers in Detroit’s underground rap scene.

Beginning of Career:

Beginning of Career Eminem used his rap battles as a way to hopefully get a record deal. He began dating Kim Ann Scott and in 1995, had a little girl names Hailie Jade Scott. This then pushed Eminem to make a living as a rapper. In 1996, Eminem produced his first independent rap album called “Infinite”. The album didn’t turn any profit and failed to attract anything but local attention.

Career Highlights:

Career Highlights In 1997, Eminem released ”The Slim Shady EP” which was discovered by Dr. Dre. Eminem then traveled to Los Angeles to compete in the Rap Olympics MC Battle and got runner up. Dre then listened to Eminem’s cassette and was impressed and then signed him to his Interscope Records Label. Eminem then released “The Slim Shady LP” which became an instant success and sold over 3 million copies. Eminem’s first single “My Name Is” has profanity and flashes of violence, this combination made if feel differently than anything else in rap.

Career Highlights (continued) :

Career Highlights (continued) Eminem then released “The Marshall Mathers LP” in May 2000 which sold over 19 million copies worldwide. This album won the Grammy award for Best Rap Album, received a nomination for Album of the Year, and is widely known as one of the best rap albums of all time. This album also received a lot of criticism because of its excessive profanity, drugs and violence, and apparent homophobia. In 2001, E minem reunited with old friends from the underground rap scene and formed a rap group called “D12” recording an album called “Devil’s Night”

Career Highlights (continued) :

Career Highlights (continued) A year later, Eminem released a new album called ”The Eminem Show” which also a popular and critically acclaimed album. His next album, “Encore” which was less successful than his previous efforts but still had popular songs. For the next several years, Eminem stopped recording music and was largely effected by personal problems. During this time, Eminem was in a custody battle over his daughter Hailie which caused him to slip into alcoholism, an addiction to sleeping pills, and prescription pain killers.

Career Highlights (continued) :

Career Highlights (continued) In December of 2007, he nearly died from overdose. By early of 2008, Eminem was able to kick his addictions of drugs and alcohol and was able to return to making music. Eminem then released “Relapse” in 2009, 5 years after not making any music at all. In 2010, Eminem then released “Recovery” which was about his process of going through rehabilitation and his struggle with addiction.

Career Highlights (continued):

Career Highlights (continued) His “Recovery” album was a lot more inspirational and softer than his other profanity acclaimed albums. This album won him a Grammy for Best Rap Album. Eminem was known to be one of the main reasons for raps transformation into a main stream music genre. After 10 years and 7 albums, he learned to not be so angry about things and to count his blessings. Eminem then released his 8th album “MMLP2” in 2013 which won him a Grammy.

Career Highlights (continued):

Career Highlights (continued) A song called “The Monster” which featured Rhianna earned him a Grammy for Best Rap Song/Sung Collaboration. In 2014, Eminem celebrated 15 years of his Shady Records Label with a special two CD set called ShadyXV . In 2015, ”The Official Eminem Box Set”, a 10 disc box set was released. This included 7 of his 8 albums (excluding Infinite), the 8 Mile Soundtrack, Eminem Presents: The Re Up, and The Curtain Call: The Hits.

8 Mile:

8 Mile 8 Mile is a movie about Eminem’s personal life and his overall story of how he became such a famous rapper. In 2002, Eminem starred as himself as an up and coming rapper in Detroit Michigan. He won an Academy Award for the stand out track ”Lose Yourself” and he earned critical acclaim for his acting and even more for his soundtrack. Lose Yourself was Eminem’s first song to hit number 1 on the hot 100 and also earned the rapper an award for Best Original Song.

8 Mile (continued) :

8 Mile (continued) This movie is about a troubled young aspiring rapper from a ghetto town in Michigan. He must exert his last chances to become successful while dealing with his life in ruins. He is now single, has only a few friends, an insane/alcoholic mother, and is dealt with poverty and living in a violent city on 8 mile. His only way out of the ghetto and tortuous life he’s living in is with his talent in rapping.

Why Eminem? :

Why Eminem? His story is truly inspirational because he came from nothing and made the best of it. It should motivate people to become the best they can no matter their situation. There were multiple things that could’ve put him back and stopped him from succeeding but he didn't ’ t let that stop him. Although his music can be rather harsh, many people can relate to him and his anger and the situations he was put in.

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