How To Identify Original Cats Eye Gemstone

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Cats eye gemstone is an excellent looking gemstone due to its chatoyancy effect. The stone appears quite identical to the eye of a cat. Therefore, it is called a cat eye gemstone or because it is an opaque stone, therefore, it is called lehsunia stone in Hindi.


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Cat’s Eye Gemstone Cats Eye if you have seen this Lehsunia brilliant looking gemstone then you must have understood why this name. The look of this gemstone is very much similar to the Cat’s Eye and hence that name.


This gemstone is very effective for intellect enhancement and wisdom, but there are also many other benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you wear Cat’s Eye gemstone. This gemstone can be found in different shades like yellowish green, brown, black, green or honey color.


How to identify the best Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstone?


There are so many stores where you will be able to find this Cat’s eye gemstone, but not all the stores will sell original gemstone or high quality gemstone. So, here are the physical qualities of Chrysoberyl cat eye stone to identify the best one.


 Original Cat’s eye gemstone will have good shine. You will have to pick the one with good shine and not the dull finish ones.


 The weight of this gemstone is heavy. Yes, it is having high gravity and hence its weight is high compared to other stones.


 There will be three streak lines on this gemstone.


 You will have to buy the gemstone only from a certified gemstone store when you have no idea about how to select the right one.

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