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Animation 299 is a business animated video creator and animated graphic designer Company. We offer a wide range of services in 2D, 3D, White Core Animation.


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Creative team “Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process its not random.” - Ken Robinson Here at Animation299 we have carefully developed this process over the years. You will work with the best of script writers animation graphic designers and animated video creators.

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Our Services: Whiteboard Animation: Whiteboard animation videos are the videos that draw themselves. It uses images pictures shapes voice overs and animation to create videos. The primary goal of such videos is to explain something so they are also called explainer videos. In last year whiteboard animation has been successfully used by many companies and celebrities to promote their brand. It’s faster than conventional online marketing tools. Our creative writers animation graphic designers and designers are well equipped to meet your requirements. You can actually set the trends with our whiteboard animation videos.

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Business Animation Videos: Marketing videos are everywhere and why not they deliver better results. Business animation videos are the most effective tool to showcase your products and services. Many companies are making animation videos to promote their products charity functions corporate events and much more. We have professional illustrators and cartoonists who are proficient in producing excellent designs for purposes like advertising and internet marketing. We use latest and reliable tools like Lightwave Adobe Flash Animation Studio Aftereffects to create business animation videos.

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2D Animation Videos: Before the advent of computers making 2D animation videos was a lengthy and expensive affair. But today many companies use 2D Animation to create explainer videos that use facial expressions faces or 2D animation characters with background voice over. Our goal is to explore every creative aspect of any idea presented to us. From conceptualization to end product let our in-house team handle everything. You don’t need a deep pocket to work with us.

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3D Animation Videos: Who doesn’t love Animation All of us have spent a better part of our childhood watching cartoons. Computers have made it possible to create elegant 3D animation videos at affordable rates. 3D animation became very popular with the success of many 3D animation films in last few years. Animation299 uses latest and reliable technology to make trendy animation videos. Not to be lost in the technical side of it our creative team will be working hard to give you the best possible output.

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Motion Graphics Videos: It’s hard to explain what motion graphics videos are Simply put it is the animation technique that uses text and shapes in dynamic ways to put together the story. Animation299 team has created eye catching motion graphics videos for a variety of clients. Generally it is used by companies who prefer to showcase their product without the use of character lead messaging.

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Contact u us: C Em Call Us: mail: info 305-434 oanim 4-4628 mation29 99

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