Class II Amalgam Restoration

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Class II Amalgam Restoration#2 MO : 

Class II Amalgam Restoration#2 MO Brandy Ayala Jillian Peterson

#2 Dental Anatomy : 

#2 Dental Anatomy

Placement : 


Slide 4: 

Place matrix Burnish matrix with ball burnisher so that contact with proximal tooth is achieved

Slide 5: 

Fill proximal box first Condense with small condenser using firm but light pressure against marginal wall

Slide 6: 

Fill remainder of preparation in increments and condense with medium condenser until it is slightly overfilled Use ball burnisher to ensure smooth finish over cavosurface margins

Slide 7: 

Clear marginal ridge with explorer

Carving : 


Slide 9: 

Use discoid-cleoid for preliminary carving for placement of ridges/grooves

Slide 10: 

Remove matrix and wedge while firmly holding amalgam restoration in place with finger or condenser

Slide 11: 

Using IPC, clear interproximal area to prevent any overhangs Continue to carve amalgam using discoid-cleoid instrument

Finishing : 


Slide 13: 

Use floss to check contact Use explorer to detect any possible flash/pitting in cavosurface margins

Slide 14: 

Detect interproximal area for any overhangs Should check occlusion with articulation paper Use wet cotton roll or ball burnisher to provide luster and shine to final restoration

Evaluation : 


Slide 16: 

Correct anatomy present; ridges in correct position in relation to adjacent teeth Mesial marginal ridge well rounded and contoured Grooves not overcarved or too deep Cavosurface margins smooth; no interproximal flash Great contact

The End : 

The End

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