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The Cathedral Vidya School is the Best Boarding School in Mumbai providing Innovative education to the child. Admissions open for the session 2020-21. Get Admission now. Visit - https://www.cathedral-lonavala.org/tag/best-boarding-school-in-mumbai/


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Designed by - Deepti Ponkshe Middle School February Newsletter

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OUR VISION: Our endeavor is to bring up Global Citizens utilizing International curriculum and principles of student- centered learning. We believe in and impart education that fosters excellence physical fitness psychological and spiritual health a consciousness of social obligations and concern for environment in each student. Our students cherish their Indian culture and at the same time respect the culture of people from other parts of the world. We believe in education that teaches not only to make a living but how to live. OUR MISSION: The Cathedral Vidya School Lonavala aims to create articulate compassionate and rational individuals proudly Indian in essence humanistic and universal in outlook. An innovative programme delivered by caring educators addresses the needs of the times and guides the children towards academic and human excellence. The School accords the highest priority to the realization of talent and potential at all levels of the faculty and administration so that the young shall never be denied the finest the latest and the most meaningful in the realm of knowledge and life. Dear Parent It has been a month of intensive studies and engaging curricular activities. Our vibrant young learners made the most of the opportunities to learn and grow the CVSL way. With the second Unit Test scheduled and the mid-Term break coming up I believe our students will once again learn to multi-task and time manage their everyday life effectively and efficiently. Glimpses of the events are in the pages that follow. Promising sunny days lie ahead of us as we leave behind the beautiful weather in Lonavala to embrace the summer. - Middle School Coordinator

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NAB LIONS Home for the ageing blind Students of Years 45 and 6 visited the Home for the Ageing blind as part of their community service activity. The centre houses 70 visually impaired men and women above the age of 55 years. Our students worked every day at school to learn songs and stories in Marati which they recited to the elderly. On Feb 2 2019 when students visited the home they were impressed at the socio-economic ability of the elderly who were involved in activities such as weaving knitting embroidery tailoring caning chairs making decorative candles and incense sticks. It was an emotional day for our students and an eye-opener to the difficulties the elderly face every day along with depleting health.

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A group of 23 students from Year 4 to 6 set out to study the pre-historic and historic caves called the Bhaja Caves. An important part of their history learning is “sources of history”. On the experiential trip to Bhaja Caves students studied about dating the caves made an attempt to write their names in the Brahmi script and understood the role of geology and ancient water harvesting techniques.

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Kundalika River Visit

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On Feb 18 and 19 students of Years 7 and 8 set out to Kolhad to investigate the shape morphology straight and meandering sections of the river. They investigated the PH balance of the river water. They also enjoyed rafting and kayaking. River Kundalika is fed by the excess water from Tata Power’s Mulshi Dam Project. The gush of the water which is released at 6.00 am reaches Kolhad at 10.00 am making it easy to study velocity and speed.

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English Week

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Grade 4 students made dustbins with card board to understand the significance of their Hindi topic Cleanliness. Academic News

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Upcoming Events  Dis – moi dix mots French competition – March 13 2019  Unit Test – March 30 to April 5 2019  Mid- term break – April 5 to April 14

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