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Find what role did best boarding school in Mumbai play in shaping the child’s future. Cathedral Vidya School is the best IB board schools Mumbai, offering IGCSE and IBDP courses in Mumbai. Know more by visiting our website.


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Best Boarding School In Mumbai:

C ATHEDRAL VIDYA SCHOOL Best Boarding School In Mumbai

What Role does Boarding Schools Mumbai Play? :

What Role does Boarding Schools Mumbai Play? The role of the best Boarding Schools in Maharashtra makes it a point to help every single student to achieve their most prominent academic potential. However, the job of Residential School Mumbai doesn’t really end here, they prepare the students to feature ability in scholastics and extracurricular exercises.

A Look inside the Best Boarding School in Mumbai:

A Look inside the Best Boarding School in Mumbai Cathedral Vidya School isn't only another option to a regular day school it is in fact a fundamental appendage to academic attainment as much as the children are taught alphabets and arithmetic’s, top International schools in Pune makes a special effort to impart skills, empathy, values of compassion, respect and integrity among the children. Such qualities that are given to the children will guarantee they stand in great stride in their lives.

Foundations That Shape the Child's Future :

Foundations That Shape the Child's Future A school is an institution that must inculcate great values and endeavor to influence the students to excel in taking care of problems and also encourage the furthermore to urge the children to achieve goals. It gives the students each opportunity to form their opinions and viewpoint and empowers countless questions from kids. The teachers in top residential schools Mumbai help in guiding the children to the correct path.

Broadening The Horizons:

Broadening The Horizons Cathedral Vidya School is the best boarding school Pune and a perfect place for the child to be open to the elements of multiple opportunities. This boarding school in Pune has plenty of students from various cultures, traditions and nationalities. It helps the students to expand their view of the world around them. It helps to broaden the horizons of the children studying in the school. So, when a child is enrolled in an IBDP school in Mumbai , it ensures that focus remains much beyond the textbooks.

Admission at Cathedral Vidya School:

Admission at Cathedral Vidya School The Cathedral Vidya School has started the 2018 admission for the IGCSE and IBDP programs in Mumbai. Enrolling your kid in the IB curriculum school in Pune ensures that we actually convey the world to your children and prepare them for accomplishing the objectives that they would connect for, on venturing into the world. We take your children on the way of achievement and demonstrate to them the best approach to achieve their goal.

Contact Us :

Contact Us Village: Shilatne, Post Office: Karla, Taluk: Maval, District: Pune, Lonavala Off. Old Mumbai- Pune Highway(nh-4) Pincode: 410405 School Landline: 91 2114 – 308900 , 282693 , 282113 Admissions For: +91 9923756950 E-mail: enquiry@cathedral-lonavala.org Website: http://www.cathedral-lonavala.org/

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