10 Most Common Cat Breeds In The World

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the top 10 most popular cat breeds in the world.https://www.catbreedsandfeeds.com/top-10-most-popular-cat-breeds-in-the-world-2019/ If you are a true lover of pets you must read this article which is more effective for cats. In this article, we will learn about famous cats in us and how we can live with them? What do they want from us? What we can about them? And what are they in fact? Here we will discuss about most popular cats in the world like the Persian, the Maine coon, the ragdoll, the British short hair, the Herman, the sphynx, the Asian golden cat, African cat and many other popular cat breeds.


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https://www.catbreedsandfeeds.com 10 Most Common Cat Breeds In The World 1. Siamese cat Siamese cat considers as one of the top recognized and most common cat breeds around the globe among the cat breed family. Till now the researcher has failed to identify the exact origin of this cat breed. But most of the time it is found in mid-Southeast Asia. A Siamese cat always possessive and wanted attention if you don’t pay attention they will start crying. Therefore it is known as attention lover. The size is medium-build and has a slender leg with the small-Oval paw and a little long triangular face. The color coat of this breed is brownish creamy color and their eyes giggle inwards. 2. American Bobtail American Bobtail is one if the great family among the wildcat. This cat has been recognized over the decades due to its cute tail. The tail is of one-third the length of its whole body. The breed has green eyes with beautiful fur. And it is known as the most common black cat breeds. The American bobtail breed lives longer than the most common cat breeds. This breed has a shiny coat color. The American Bobtail Cat is originated in the US in the late 1960’s and one of the most common cat breeds in America. 3. Persian cat This breed is commonly recognized since the late 19th century. Mainly it is the most common cat breeds during the second world war and this breed was developed by American Breeders. Persian Cat has alike round face. it has a very affectionate and loyal personality. Its hair grows up to 4 inches. It is also one of the oldest breeds after Maine coon and the name is derived from its place of origin Persia Iran. The Persian cat is also known for its most common long hair cat breeds.

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https://www.catbreedsandfeeds.com 4. Maine coon: The oldest Cat breeds in the world The Maine coon is one of the oldest and biggest domestic breeds in the world. They are gentle loyal hardy and loving with long fur. The breed has a different color coat and is found in various color. The average weight of a male is 12 to 19 pound whereas the female is 10-14 pound. Since they have a good personality it makes them safe with kids and humans love to keep it in the family. Maine Coon Cat Located All Over The World. 5. Himalayan Cat The Himalayan cat is considered as a human-made breed and is a Persian as well as Siamese to achieve colors. American breeders become interested in developing and researching the breed since 1950. It has a very loving and loyal nature to humans though it is not much active or athletic like other cats. Some of the features of this breed are: it has a long coat and you’ve to brush them daily. The blue eyes of this cat define the beauty of the cat. 6. Ragdoll Cat Breed This cat is named as Ragdoll Cat from the way it behaves to the human. The cat goes in arms when you pick them. It is very flexible and imagines if the cat sitting in your arm it defines the calmness and loyalty of the cat. Ragdoll is cute and sweet like Maine coon. Controversially it has been said that it is developed by American Breeder Ann Baker.

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https://www.catbreedsandfeeds.com 7. Abyssinian cat The Abyssinian cat is very active and playful and they are loving plus loyal to people. In many stories this cat is found around Egypt but the no one knows the actual origin and remains uncertain. These cats are unique and different. Abyssinian cat has a shiny fluffy coat and its furs and eyes determine the uniqueness and beauty of it. 8. Sphynx Cat The Sphynx Cat is one of the topmost unique cats among the breed due to which it is rated as the most common cat breeds with uniqueness. It has no hair coat and always prefer warm area for its comforts. It seems like hairless but the truth is it has a hair in it. Sphynx is mostly popular due to its extrovert behavior. They have high-level intelligence curiosity energy and affection for their loving owners. They always had large and giggle eyes which make them unique. The cat is also well known as Canadian Hairless or Mexican hairless.

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