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In this presentation describe about Complete Investment Casting Manufacturers Process and how it works. In this presentation include the formation of the wax injection, pattern removal, assembly, waxing etc...


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Turbo Cast investment casting manufacturers process


Investment casting – complete manufacturing process in which lost wax pattern is surface or laminate with a refectory ceramic raw material. This raw material is used in internal calculation takes the shape or size of casting. The wax is extra melted remove and molten metal is poured into the chamber where the wax pattern was. The metal harden inside the ceramic mold and then the investment casting is isolated. I nvestment C asting M anufacturers P rocess


Complete Process Steps Wax pattern making Pattern Assembly Shell Coating & Building Dewax/Firing Metal Purity Knockout Finishing Quality Testing Packing & Shipping


Wax pattern making Lost wax pattern is built to provide customer specifications and then will explain that way to produce final casting


Pattern Assembly The lost wax model is removed from the injection tool. Assembly parts are tested for tolerance and then cleaned.


Shell Coating & Building Successfully assembled parts after ceramic and stucco are applied to the sprue assembly to from heading section.


Dewax/Firing The shell build sprue is the de-waxing by quickly heating in a boiler or autoclave leaving beyond the suite shell cavity.


Metal Purity Now metal purity while the mold heat treat allows the liquid metal to flow easily through the mold chamber.


Knockout The heat sprues are the isolated from the boiler and poured quickly. The metal purity shells are the set aside to cool.


Finishing Excess extra metal is removed surfaces are perfect finishing and casting heat treatment.


Quality Testing Each casting parts and equipment’s are inspected according to our customer specification and requirements.


Packing & Shipping All the process done after castings are surly packaged by require and deliver to the customer


Benefits of investment casting process Creating freedom design Various option to choose Size freedom a small to large Dimensions flexible Perfect surface finish Improved quality


Turbo-Cast - Investment Casting Applications Our casting part is used in the aerospace, medical application, electrical application and defense industries Aerospace Casings Defense Castings Medical Applications Electronic Applications


Quality Accreditations Certifications ISO 9001 : 2008 AS 9100 Rev. C Nadcap Certified


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