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Sell Gold for cash near me We are known to be Delhi’s highest paying award-winning gold buyer. Contact us now if you are wondering where to sell gold for cash near me in Delhi you will be glad that you did. So now you might be wondering what makes us different from other jewelry dealers and that is our ability to pay the highest possible payouts and our non-stop commitment to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied. We know that not every regular individual knows everything about the current value of their precious yellow metal. We manage our business in an honest and open way to assist you in understanding the exact price of your yellow metal item. We make your experience of selling ornament easy and simple. We will evaluate your ornaments right in front of your with our XRF tools tell you it’s actual price and allow you to choose if you’d like to sell it or not. There are four steps that we follow when purchasing your ornaments: Visit our outlet near your house: The first step of selling your ornaments with is to visit our outlet near your area we have over 20 outlets in every major destination of Delhi NCR or you can also avail our free pick-up service. Evaluating the carat weight and value of your gold: The next step of our buying process consists of determining the quality of your gold in terms of karats and how much it weights. To make sure we are offering the best possible price we have made investments in the latest technologies such as XRF metal analyzer that allows us to precisely tell the quantity and quality of your precious ornament.

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Determine the current gold rate: Once your jewelry is evaluated we determine the current market price of the yellow metal. the value of this metal changes almost every day worldwide. That is why we constantly keep our price catalog updated to make sure you get 100 market value for your yellow jewelry. Offer and instant cash: In the last step we will provide you with your quotes and leave it up to you to decide whether you want to sell your jewelry or not. If you like our quotes you will be provided with instant cash on the spot. So stop wondering where to sell gold for cash near me in Delhi NCR and contact us now.

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