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Autistic and Handicapped Children of Central Florida Christmas Party


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Autistic & Handicapped Children of Central Florida Holiday Party:

Autistic & Handicapped Children of Central Florida Holiday Party Casey Raines December 3, 2014 Teaching Exceptional Students EEX4070

History of AHC, Inc.:

Started by Frank Kral in 1973 non profit 501 (c) 3 organization Holiday party with games and activities Held at The Pines at Windermere Serves children (pre-k through high school) from Orange County and surrounding areas Served over 1,000 children last year and over 800 this year History of AHC, Inc.

Engagement Activities:

Need for a field trip tailored for students with disabilities Savannah Yokes and I spent two days volunteering at the party December 1 was the set-up day December 2 was the party Pony ride helpers! Engagement Activities

Participant Demographics:

Participant Demographics The children who attend fall under the following criteria: Emotionally Handicapped (including ASD and autistic) Low Prevalence (hearing impaired, language resource, self-contained language, physically impaired) Profoundly mentally handicapped (PMH ) Educable mentally handicapped (EMH) Trainable mentally handicapped (TMH) They range from pre-k through high school All ethnicities are represented Served approximately 800 children this year

Perceptions of Differences:

I was introduced to people with disabilities at an early age I had a frightening experience Service Learning Taught me how to appreciate the simple things Joy serving students brings to me The Boy who never smiled Perceptions of Differences

Connections to Your Course:

This project was for EEX4070 Three things that I learned : Students with disabilities are more different than alike The importance of inclusion The impact that teachers can have on the lives of students with disabilities Connections to Your Course

Civic Engagement:

I have always been an active volunteer People should give back to others Civic engagement allows people to fulfill a need that others cant fill for themselves Service learning is a great learning experience This did motivate me to strive to increase my volunteerism Everyone should embrace service learning, especially teachers and students Teachers should lead by example Students can learn in a hands-on environment Civic Engagement

Final Thoughts & Reflections:

Spend a day working with children with disabilities Donate money to help research Recruiting volunteers for next years party Letting people know about the opportunity Teachers should be role models for others and leaders in the community Teachers are paramount for the greater good! Final Thoughts & Reflections

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