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Carpet cleaning NYC offers you a reviving upholstery,rug Cleaning NYC to amplify the existence of your fixtures. provider is to be had for rugs, mattresses and so forth. Carpet Cleaning NYC 829 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021 (917) 831-4478


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Hot Trending Carpet Cleaning Methods While you were lying drooling on the pillow knocked out from last night’s hangover in your New York apartment on a Sunday morning your kids were out there in the living room ruining your expensive oriental carpet. Now you are up and in shock and constantly rummaging through the yellow pages and every services app on your smartphone to find the right carpet cleaning company in NYC. But before you settle upon one it is very important for you to understand that there are different types of carpet cleaning processes so have a look at the following list: 1. Dry Carpet Cleaning Dry carpet cleaning is also known as compound cleaning. It is also one of the most advanced and latest cleaning technologies currently found in the market. This process has gained vast popularity and approval by numerous leading carpet manufacturers and homeowners in New York alike. This is because of its fast and effective cleaning procedure and added convenience. It also does not require any drying time. Another highlight of dry carpet cleaning procedures is that the motors and brushes used for application of the cleaning compound or dry powder in the carpet are very effective and it makes for a thorough and deep carpet cleaning. 2.Hot Water Extraction This is very commonly known as steam carpet cleaning.Yesthe fancy “hot water extraction cleaning” uses highly pressurized hot water vapors to penetrate carpet fiber and dissolve away all grime and dirt from the carpet. This process typically involves applying ​carpet cleaning NYC agent on the surface of the carpet and then rubbing with brush and then finally followed by thorough rinsing. After the cleaning agent has settled in the carpet fibers for a short while the carpet is rinsed with the help of suitable equipment and then it is finally left to dry.

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3. Encapsulation Synthetic detergents can be your friend as these are used as a base that crystallizes into powder form when let to dry. This foam created on the surface of the carpet loosens the dirt particles in its fibers and they further get encapsulated into the powder when the foam dries. The foam then can be easily vacuumed or brushed away. 4. Carpet Shampooing Shampoo carpet cleaning is an old school method of cleaning carpets and is still being used in many households across New York. It is used to clean heavily soiled carpets but since it leaves behind a high amount of wet foam and lather residues the carpet needs to be rinsed several times to get rid of the shampoo. It requires long drying process and this makes it a little less popular as compared to other methods of cleaning. For More Detail Visit here :- Carpet Cleaning NYC 829 Park Ave New York NY 10021 917 831-4478

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