Tips to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

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Cleaning is a challenging chore, especially those areas that you can’t see or reach with ease. Here are some tips for you to help you clean these place with ease. For detailed information, you can explore:


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Tips to Clean These 5 Hard-to-Reach Places in your House

Every house in Melbourne has some places that are hard-to-reach, :

Every house in Melbourne has some places that are hard-to-reach,  that’s the reason why people overlook them during the regular cleaning procedure.  

Ceiling Fans :

Here are the top tricks to clean these places: Ceiling Fans Nothing can be more difficult than dusting ceiling fans . For this, Instead of using a feather duster, use a disposable one.

At the top of the Cabinets:

At the top of the Cabinets When you have a duster with an extendable stick or broom, make sure you remove the dust from cabinet tops.

Ceilings and Mouldings:

Ceilings and Mouldings For this, all you need is a long-handled duster, dry sponge mop or a broom and you are ready to clean those nasty areas that are hard-to-reach. 

Fridge Coils:

Fridge Coils Since the coils are situated on the back of the fridge or underneath, make sure you roll out the appliance and use the vacuum upholstery brush attachment to collect all loose dirt and dust.

Garbage Disposal:

Garbage Disposal It is hard to reach, but you can remove all the debris by running it with full stream cold water. 

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With the help of right tricks and cleaning tools, you can clean all these areas easily. If you are looking for professional cleaners in Melbourne, you can explore:

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