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Do you know how to flirt with a girl over text? If not, don't worry, you will learn! The most important thing is to understand that you will have to flirt with her, even if the topic might not revolve around a flirt. The basic principles of talking to her revolve around the process of flirting.

What to say to a girl?:

What to say to a girl? These are methods that are known to create a type of strong psychological attraction. If you combine these, you can come up with the best flirt lines that you can address to a woman.

Play a role:

Play a role It is a known fact that the human brain can rapidly link false events to real ones that can occur between persons. So when you think at a relationship with another person, you think about the memories that you two have together. It doesn't matter if they are real or fake, memories remain memories. Thus, playing a role can be a great and interesting way to build a foundation, add more familiarity and flirt with a woman.


Tease Light teasing can turn a great message into a sexy and flirty one. But make sure you keep it light. This will show her that you are not just another male who worships girls no matter how they are, but sees them as equals. Your tease should say these things exactly.

Mirror the girl:

Mirror the girl This is a simple but effective technique, and it is among the best ones that you can use. Just imagine a situation where a person is doing a lot of work, sending interesting messages and the girl responds with just one word. Wouldn't this drive you nuts?


With each interaction, the person who is writing invests more into the relationship. This means that the person who is investing more is also chasing the other. So if the girl responds with short answers, make sure you do the same thing. You can even try to respond with shorter messages if that is possible. Being a chaser will turn her off. However, if you notice that she is putting effort into it, don't be rude and answer with 'yes', or 'k'. You will not come off well.

Mirror the writing style:

Mirror the writing style The length of her text is not the only thing you should mirror. Her writing style should go through the same thing. If you notice she is using lots of smiley faces, then you should do the same. If she uses 'haha' and not 'lol' to express amusement, then you should do the same. This technique will help you build a great rapport in your subconscious. Without realizing or knowing it, she will start to be more attracted to you and to enjoy your texts. In time, this builds high levels of attraction and comfort. It is not complicated once you learn how to get the hang of it.



Thanks for reading!:

Thanks for reading!

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