Caroline Thonon From Punta Gorda, Florida

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Caroline Thonon is a knowledgeable person as she is accustomed to Integrative Nutrition as she studied it as well. She attended various workshops and seminars and has taken classes from Deepak Chopra to Lester Levenson, Sai Maa, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins etc. attended multiple seminars and workshops. To know more about her visit her official site


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Caroline Thonon Spa Consultant | Manager, Beautiful Health

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Caroline Thonon has served as a Board member of Punta Gorda Chamber of commerce for almost 3 years. She has managed a flourishing business with 18 employees’ singlehandedly. Her expertise makes her a great professional and she has great consultancy abilities as well.

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Caroline Thonon is planning to become a Spa /Wellness Consultant and is about to start her own business. She is a spiritual person and she studied spirituality with multiple Teachers.

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Caroline Thonon is a strong supporter of Alternative holistic Medicine and she is quite interested and passionate about wellness, spa, skin care, and nutrition.

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Caroline Thonon got knowledge with regards to spirituality with multiple Teachers involving Deepak Chopra to Lester Levenson , Sai Maa , Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, etc. attended numerous seminars and workshops.

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Caroline Thonon studied wellness to bring into business and recommend healthy living. She is a productive writer and she has written articles about herself in Natural Awakening Magazine Naples back in December 2017.

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THANKS FOR COMING Find out more about her at her official site

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