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In this PPT, we have discussed about the brief introduction of psychological and its types which will provide the help to reduce the stress level and improve the sleep quality.


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Introduction of Psychologists:

Introduction of Psychologists

What is Psychologists?:

What is Psychologists? The psychologists as the scientific study of behavior and the mental process.

Fields of Psychologists:

Fields of Psychologists Clinical Psychologists Counseling Psychologists School Psychologists Education Psychologists Development Psychologists Social Psychologists Environment Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists :

Clinical Psychologists The clinical psychologists is a branch of psychologists that provide the help on diagnosing and some treatment like: mental and behavior disorders. The some of more basic disorders are includes such as: learning disabilities, substance abuse and eating disorders.

Counseling Psychologists:

Counseling Psychologists It is similar to the clinical psychologists but clients typically has adjustment the problem and not take serious psychologists disorders. They provide the some specialty such as: attention to emotional, social, vocational, heath related and organization concerns.

School Psychologists :

School Psychologists In this process, the employed by the school systems to assists the students problem that interface with learning. The main focus is that of placement of the students in special classes.

Education Psychologists :

Education Psychologists It is the branch of psychologists which is concerned with the scientific study of the human learning. They involves the study such as: memory, conceptual process in conceptualizing new techniques for the learning process of humans.

Development Psychologists:

Development Psychologists It is the scientific study of how and why human being change over the course of their life. they involves such as: physical, adult development, aging and the whole life span.

Social Psychologists :

Social Psychologists It is the scientific study of how the human being thoughts, feeling and the behaviors are influenced by the actual or applied the presence of others.

Environment Psychologists :

Environment Psychologists In the steps, the study how the people and environment influences each other and study ways to encourage recycling. They involves such as: built environment, learning environment and information environment.

Who I Am…:

Who I Am… Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist is a professional psychological expert who provide the help in various services such as: relationship related problem, stress and mental assessment.

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