Caroline McCaul - A Successful Academic Career

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Caroline McCaul was officially welcomed into the National Society of High School Scholars in August of 2013. A soon-to-be student at the University of Texas, McCaul is proud to have received such an honor, as well as to have been made a member of the National Honor Society. Now a Senior at Westlake High School, McCaul is well on her way to achieving success in any field she chooses, though her primary interest is a career in the music business.


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Caroline McCaul: A Successful Academic Career:

Caroline McCaul : A Successful Academic Career Soon-to-be high school graduate Caroline McCaul has achieved much throughout her young academic career, including earning memberships in such proud and renowned academic institutions as the National Honor Society and the National Society of High School Scholars. . An intelligent, determined and diligent young scholar preparing for a successful future within the music business, McCaul has consistently demonstrated the desire, willingness and ability to both set and accomplish any goal, a quality that promises to be the underpinning of her success for many years to come. A member of the Westlake High School Class of 2015, Caroline McCaul has compiled a 99.3 Grade Point Average throughout her academic career.

Caroline McCaul: Building a Strong Academic Foundation:

Caroline McCaul: Building a Strong Academic Foundation High school senior Caroline McCaul looks forward to the opportunity to thrive, and to continue her academic career, and success, within a university environment. A member of Westlake High School’s Class of 2015, McCaul will soon enter the University of Texas College Of Communications, a major step towards what promises to be a very successful career within the professional business community. A successful and accomplished academic throughout her high school tenure, Caroline McCaul has continually demonstrated the desire, the drive and the determination to put her best effort forward. A focused and intelligent individual, McCaul understands the importance of hard work, and has continually shown the studious nature, and dedication to learning, needed to accomplish any and all academic goals.

Caroline McCaul Meritorious Academic Achievement:

Caroline McCaul Meritorious Academic Achievement Caroline McCaul is currently a dedicated student at Westlake High School, a public school located in Austin, Texas. Now a senior and member of the Westlake Class of 2015, McCaul has led an impressive and highly-recognized academic career, one that has been taken notice of, and garnered her memberships in, such organizations as the National Society of High School Scholars and the National Honor Society. A dedicated scholar throughout her high school career, Caroline McCaul has demonstrated considerable proficiency in a variety of areas, and has recently achieved an ACT Composite score of 31, an impressive mark by any standard.

Caroline McCaul: Successful High School Scholar:

Caroline McCaul: Successful High School Scholar Caroline McCaul is currently a successful young scholar at Westlake High School, as well as a soon-to-be member of the school’s Class of 2015. Now in anticipation of her up and coming high school graduation, McCaul is looking forward to becoming a successful part of the University of Texas student body, and to the beginning of her pursuit of a career in the professional business community. The hard work, determination and intelligence of Caroline McCaul is largely responsible for her considerable academic success, including recognition by and memberships in two notable academic organizations. McCaul was officially welcomed into the National Society of High School Scholars in 2013, the result of her considerable academic achievement up to that point. She also recently earned a place in the National Honor Society, and as of today has compiled a weighted 99.3 Grade Point Average, a quite impressive academic feat.


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