How to Remove Mold from Bathroom

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Carolina Water Damage Restoration prepared document of How to Remove Mold from Bathroom. We describe 3 methods like Making a Mold Removal Solution, Using the Cleaning Solution and Preventing Bathroom Mold. If you live in Cary, Chapel Hill NC, Raleigh, Durham, Apex or surrounding areas of Wake County, NC, and you are experiencing trouble with mold or need mold restoration, mold removal and mold remediation services in your home call us at 919-302-2729 today to schedule an inspection. Or visit us online


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How to Remove Bathroom Mold Method 1: Making a Mold Removal Solution 1. Create a vinegar solution for a safe non-toxic mold killer.

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2. Use a Borax solution for a natural mold remover.

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3. Choose a bleach solution as a last resort.

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Method 2: Using the Cleaning Solution 1. Spray the mold cleaning solution over the area you wish to clean.

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2. Wipe smooth surfaces with a cleaning cloth to remove the mold.

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3. Use a scrubbing brush to remove stubborn mold from smooth surfaces.

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4. Scrub grout or caulking with a toothbrush.

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5. Dry the cleaned area with a cleaning cloth.

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6. Replace the grout or caulking if you can’t remove the mold stains.

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Method 3: Preventing Bathroom Mold 1. Turn the bathroom fan on when the bath or shower is in use.

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2. Open the window after you have a bath or a shower.

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3. Dry all of the surfaces if you are worried about the moisture levels.

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