How to Restore Water Flow from Block Kitchen Drain

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Carolina Water Damage Restoration prepared document of how to restore water flow from blocked kitchen drain. If you live in Cary, Raleigh NC and have emergency water damage issue, contact Carolina Water Damage Restoration. We are on call to assist with water damage emergencies 24 hours a day, and provide fast emergency water damage repair & restoration service. Call +1 919-302-2729 or Visit


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How to Restore Water Flow from Block Kitchen Drain 1 - Realize that when water does not run through your drain bunch of junk and trash clogged up in one of the pipes.

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2 - Hair clogs.

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3 - Try a plunger.

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4 - Keep at it.

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5 - Seal off secondary openings.

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6 - If the plunger doesnt work you may have to snake it.

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7 - Buy a "snake" .

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8 - Insert the snake into the drain pipe where you removed the trap and when you meet resistance rotate the snake clockwise.

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9 - When you retrieve a snake from the pipe be prepared for it to be covered in the most vile black smelly sewer-line sludge .

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10 - Sometimes clogs can be more easily approached with a snake from the air vent on the roof.

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11 - If the snake doesnt reach the clog look for a clean out further down the drain where the snake may be inserted.

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12 - Slow drains.

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13 - Sometimes there can be a problem with the slope of the drain pipes .

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14 - Although plungers are a standard way to clear a clogged toilet they can be messy to clean afterward.

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15 - If this is your kitchen sink and it has become plugged from running the garbage disposal.

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