The Benefits of Using 3D printer in the Field of Medicine


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The Benefits of Using 3D printer in the Field of Medicine:

The Benefits of Using 3D printer in the Field of Medicine


The 3D printing breakthrough has been helping all the fields of our industry, which includes the health care sector. 3D printing has been applied to medicine since 2000’s. It has been used for dental implants and customizes prosthetics. Since then, the innovation of 3D printing continuously evolved. According to recent reviews, 3D printings are used in producing bones, exoskeletons, windpipes, ears, jaw bone, eyeglasses, cell cultures and other organs. As 3D Printer Kit has been widely used in the field of medicine, it has provided many benefits on the field which includes.


3D Printers can customize and personalize This is said to be the greatest benefit that is provided by 3D printers. It provides the clinical field the freedom to produce their custom made medical products and equipment for customized prosthetics and implants that are greatly valued by the patient and physicians. Aside from customization it can also produce made to order jigs and fixtures that are used in the operating rooms. A custom made implant, fixtures, and surgical tools have greatly impacted the length of time required for surgery, patient’s recovery and the success of the medical procedure.


3D printer Increases Cost Efficiency 3D printers can provide different items in cheaper costs. The traditional method of manufacturing may remain less expensive with a large scale production but the cost of 3D printing has been very competitive it terms of small productions, which has been testified to be true, as it demanded by small sized implants for the spine, teeth or facial disorders that can be very expensive in the traditional way of manufacturing.


3D printing can enhance Productivity 3D printing is always accompanied by the word “fast” because it can produce a finished product within several hours, unlike the traditional method that requires milling, forging and a long delivery time. Aside from its speed, 3D printer’s resolution, accuracy, reliability, and repeatability are also improving.


3D Printing Provided Democratization and Cooperation 3D printing offers the variety of changes when it comes to the design and manufacturing of goods. This has been possible because of the increasing availability of materials that are commonly used in 3D printing and with a decreased cost. This allows more individual in the medical field to use 3D printers with integration to their imaginations and design in producing a great product for commercial and personal use.


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