Use Natural Hair Masks to Grow Long Hair

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Use Natural Hair Masks to Grow Long Hair:

Use Natural Hair Masks to Grow Long Hair


What are the advantages of using hair masks to grow long hair? To ensure a healthy head of hair, it is essential to practice a healthy hair care regime that will promote hair growth. Most girls wish they could grow Barbie-length hair past their shoulders. While it is not a practical solution, it can be fun and give you a flirtatious look. If you work hard at it, you will be able to achieve wondrous results.


Practice some golden rules to ensure that your hair starts growing long and healthy. *Massage scalp regularly with olive or any other oil weekly to increase the blood circulation. *Add gelatin, which is a natural product, to your favorite drinks and sauces to improve the texture of your hair. Hair masks are essential for giving your scalp the boost it requires to promote healthy hair at the shaft.


One of the hair masks to grow long hair can easily be prepared at home. Whip up a mixture of 1 mashed banana, a tsp of honey, half cup flat beer and an egg. Coat hairs strands evenly and cover with a shower cap for about 90 minutes. Your hair will look vibrant and bouncy. Another great hair mask is to massage the juice of a grated onion daily on the scalp and then using honey to coat the onion juice. This is a great moisturizer that works well to stimulate hair follicles and you will see good results after a month of this application.


If you are interested in promoting a faster rate of hair growth you should heed some practical suggestions. *Give your hair the hot oil massage treatment with olive oil, rosemary oil or coconut oil to nourish the scalp. Use equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar for removing residue and clearing clogged follicles and dead skin.


*Focus on the lower dry ends of the hair when applying conditioners to remove tangles and moisturize hair. Hair should not be shampooed daily. Use a comb with wide teeth to remove tangles.


Make hair packs using home ingredients to nourish your hair weekly. A good mask is to make a mixture of one tablespoon honey with an egg yolk. Wash well with tepid water after leaving this on the scalp for about 30 minutes. Rosemary water can be used for washing out hair daily to enable it to grow faster. Combine five drops rosemary oil, three drops lavender oil and two drops of sage oil with a liter of water and use this as a final rinse to condition hair. Never use hot water to wash hair.

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