Important Guidelines in joining the MUDSA

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Important Guidelines in joining the MUDSA:

Important Guidelines in joining the MUDSA


Football is such a wonderful sport; there is no way you can’t be fascinated with the players because they are truly skilled, talented, and they play their games as if they are doing it effortlessly. If you are a die-hard fan of football such as the Manchester United FC, pretty sure you are a member of their football club. It seems so easy to acquire man utd tickets and to apply for a membership, but there are some people that are not as fortunate as others are, they are people who are differently-abled or disabled.


Some differently-abled fans who want to witness the Manchester United FC live, but chose not to because they thought it will be hard for them to go due to their condition. But the good thing is that there is a membership or a club for disabled supporters of Manchester United, this association would help and make disabled supporters feel comfortable while enjoying the game. There are advantages of being a member of MUDSA or Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association.


It is understandable that it will be hard for a disabled person to do different things just to acquire tickets unlike if you are registered as an official member; they will have to ask you to join MUDSA to ensure that you will get proper assistance and so you can avail of the tickets with ease and convenience.


MUDSA will ensure that their facility wherein the game will be held is safe and properly equipped for you. You are assured that you are safe and that they are ready to rescue in case of any emergency. Those advantages that are given above are just some and there are more advantages to expect if you acquire a membership. Furthermore, if you are one of those who wanted to join the MUDSA here are some idea of what you should do.


Before they would allow you to join the MUDSA you would have to be an official member of Manchester United Football Club and after doing so it is time for you to apply for matches.


They will ask you to call their hotline for MUDSA; this is to discuss your needs and abilities so that they will have an idea on how to serve you better.


This is similar when applying for other membership they will have to ask some essential things, particularly pictures. This would help them confirm the said disability and it is also to avoid facility and ticket misuse. You will be choosing your membership type, they will give you a membership number and you have to make sure to keep it until your membership package has arrived.




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