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Jupiter Vicky, Guada and Fran I.


Introduction The purpose of this report is to find out if there is life in Jupiter.


Atmosphere The atmosphere of Jupiter is about 86 percent hydrogen and 14 percent helium. Methane water vapor and ammonia exist in trace amounts.


Surface Jupiter is considered a gas giant because it does not have a solid surface. The inside part is a solid core of material similar to that of the Earth. Surrounding this with an estimated diameter of 100.000 km is a metalic mixture of hydrogen.


Location Jupiter is the fifth planet in order from the sun. In the Solar System Jupiter is between Mars and Saturn.


Water Jupiter has a small amount of water, but is not "on" Jupiter, it is from the vapor of the cloud tops.

Name :

Name The largest and most massive planet was named Zeus by the Greeks and Jupiter by the Romans.

Special Characteristics:

Special Characteristics Jupiter has faint, dark rings composed of tiny rock fragments and dust. These rings were discovered by NASA'S voyager 1 in 1980. The rings were investigated further when voyager 2 flew to Jupiter. The rings can only be seen when Jupiter is in front of the Sun. Jupiter has 63 official moons (growing more) and 12 unofficial moons. This is the symbol of Jupiter:

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Conclusion Planet Jupiter can't have life because it doesn't have a solid surface and it's a gas giant so plants can't grow and humans can't be alive. JUPITER

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