In vitro Fertilization

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This presentation tells you stuff aboout In Vitro Fretilization.


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In vitro fertilization:

In vitro fertilization Carlotta and Jade Period 7 Science

In Vitro Fertilization:

In V itro Fertilization In vitro Fertilization is when a woman wants to have kids and it can be that she has a boyfriend/husband and its just hard that she could have kids in the natural way so they do In Vitro Fertilization, or it could be that she doesn't have a boyfriend/husband so she goes to her doctor, and then the doctor tells her where to go. When she gets there, they meet the possible fathers, but the woman chooses. If she chooses you get paid because you give your sperm to her so that she can have a kid. But they don’t just put one sperm they put more than one because maybe some of them die, so they put more than just one (probably around 8). That’s why in Vitro Fertilization you are most likely to have twins or more kids . There is also a way the doctors can kill some of the sperm so that you don’t have eight kids at the time. The way the do it is they take the sperm put it in a tube and then they put some of the sperm (not all of it) and they insert it to the woman's egg. Here is a picture in the next slide.

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The woman's eggs Sperm

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If you look closer you can see that it has a tale and that is the sperm that if it gets to the egg and lives it turns into a baby. The woman's egg

Advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages Advantages You only have to try one time. Disadvantages You can end up having like eight kids at the time.


C onclusion You can have kids without having sex.

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