Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Home Owners

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Maintaining a garage door is an obvious job to every homeowners. A proper maintained garage door ensures safety for home. Here you will learn necessary tips to maintain a garage door. To know more visit:


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Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Home Owners Presented by: L & S Garage Door

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Introduction Garage door is a large component on a garage which is used for safety purpose. A garage door consists of various materials like wood, steel, glass, aluminum, polyvinyle chloride etc. If you are facing problem with your garage door you must hire a professional to repair garage door . A garage door should be maintained on daily basis to avoid various problems. Maintaining garage door can help to make your home safe.

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Various Types of Garage Door There are various types garage door available in the market. These are followed: 1. Contemporary Garage Door 2. Carriage-House Garage Doors 3. Traditional Garage Door 4. Roll-up Garage Door 5. Automatic Garage Door 6. Sectional Garage Door

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Garage Door Maintenance Tips How to undertake maintenance 1. Inspection: Take a close look at all the components of the door - big or small. Check the door opener, metal tracks, chain-belt or drive belt, dents in panels, electrical connections, rollers and bearings etc. 2. Lubricating Moving Parts: Door components need a friction-free surface for smooth operation. Use the ideal oil grade as recommended by the door manufacturer. 3. Garage Door Opener Settings: Modern doors work via electronic openers that can be programmed by the user. A professional technician sets the default settings as considered suitable for the daily use. 4. Minor dents in the Panels: Regular use causes dents to appear on flimsy panels. For example, light-weight aluminium door panels are known to get damages quickly. 5. Garage door Ventilation: Garages can get quiet hot in the summers and cold in the winters. Install a suitable ventilation fan to lower the humidity. 6. Door Insulation: Polystyrene panels are known to resist variations in temperature. Homeowners can add polystyrene foam in the hollow aluminium door panels.

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