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RU Staffed Staffing Project Group Members: Carlos Arias Liset Parker Khadiza Hussain Ambar Terrero Carlo De la Rama

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Instructional Designer

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Situational Question and Answer What are some of the challenges in helping faculty to use technology in their teaching? Question: One of the biggest challenges is to help faculty feel empowered and to ensure that they experience a certain amount of success while using technology in their teaching. That being said, the right tool(s) need to be used for their pedagogical style, so a large part of the challenge is teasing out all of the details when I conduct a needs assessment.I am a firm believer of “technology in the service of pedagogy” meaning that teaching comes first and technology second. Another major challenge is helping faculty understand the support structures they can utilize within the University. Answer:

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Competency: Interpersonal Skills Definition: Shows understanding, friendliness, courtesy, tact, concern, and politeness to others; develops and maintains effective relationship with others; may include effectively dealing with individuals who are difficult, hostile or distressed; relates well to people from different backgrounds. Candidate reflects an understanding of teaching strategies for individual  professors and shows knowledge in working technology. Additionally, candidate provides adequate feedback on how to rectify the issues and how to successfully adapt instructional content and delivery methods for different types of learners. 4-5 SUPERIOR 2-3 SATISFACTORY Candidate reflects adequate experience with technology and teaching strategies. However, candidate does not elaborate on any challenges that they have encountered in the past, also expresses limited feedback or any additional ideas to correct challenges that arise. 1 UNSATISFACTORY Candidate does not recall past experiences with the situation presented. Additionally, he does not demonstrate the capability to deal with similar challenges that can occur in this job setting.

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