the history of jiffy lube


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The ups and downs of Jiffy Lube's history


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History of Jiffy Lube:

History of Jiffy Lube Learn all about the ups and downs of Jiffy Lube. If you want to save money at Jiffy Lube just go to:

The 1970s:

The 1970s It all started in the 1970s for Jiffy Lube. Ed Washburn set up the first Jiffy Lube in Utah. From there is has grown into one of the largest lube companies in North America.

The First One Thousand!:

The First One Thousand! Throughout the 1980s Jiffy Lube went from only a handful of outlets to the one thousand mark.


Pennzoil In the early part of the 1990s Jiffy Lube was acquired by Pennzoil. Pennzoil later went into partnership with Quaker State.

The Shell Years:

The Shell Years Shell took over the running of Jiffy Lube in 2002. But it's not all been easy for them!


Problems In 2003 it was discovered that Jiffy Lube routinely charged customers for services that they didn't use.

More Problems:

More Problems In 2009 it was also discovered that Jiffy Lube were carrying out jobs that were harmful to cars according to the manufacturers recommendations.


Finally Shell have managed to cast aside Jiffy Lube's problems and continued to change their reputation and open even more stores. They now have over 2,000 locations in the US.

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