Why it is Important to Keep the Bounce Rate Low


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Why it is Important to Keep the Bounce Rate Low:

Why it is Important to Keep the Bounce Rate Low


When it comes to email marketing getting their emails delivered to the recipient is important. It is not just to validate email addresses in your list but to ensure that your emails have been sent to a unique email address but to make sure that the email address is real. In addition to that, spam filters are there to divert your emails to the spam folders making your email marketing unsuccessful. Thanks to these common terms that associated to spam email:


• Email blocking – when the client’s email are from Yahoo, AOL and Gmail if those email that are sent to them bounced back it means that your email was blocked which is called email blocking. • Spam filters – in every email server there has filtering software that determines spam in the content or the sender’s name and subject of the email. The spam filters can identify spam email using the trigger word and another indicator that land emails to the recipients spam folder.


• Blacklist – there is a list of IPs and domain addresses that are included in the list of suspected spam sender that are automatically featured in the blacklist. • Whitelist – this is in contrast to the blacklist, here all IPs, domain addresses and ESPs are approved to deliver emails to their recipients. • False Positive – this is where even the legitimate email is incorrectly and falsely filtered and lands in the spam folder.


These are some of the terms in spam filtering. There are some email marketers that experience this. The disadvantage gives to the email marketers highly affects in their reliability to send 100% email. Just like when email marketers sent emails to false email addresses, the email they sent will in return bounce back to them making their bounce rate higher. For an email marketer, higher bounce rate is not good for business.


In the client’s point of view, an email marketer with high bounce rate is not effective. The bounce rate is one clear indication that the emails that they are sending do not go to its prospective recipients. Simple math means that email is not sent equals to no sale or lead. This is the dilemma of many email marketers, to ensure that their bounce rate is at its minimum, validate email addresses in their list is one of the methods that they are doing. No matter how large the amount of email addresses an email marketer has, it still comes down to the rate of emails that are being sent and opened.


Resources: https://neverbounce.com https://storify.com/Teling/why-it-is-important-to-keep-the-bounce-rate-low-an

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