What’s good for your Kitchen- Blinds, Shutters or Shades?

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What’s good for your Kitchen- Blinds, Shutters or Shades?:

What’s good for your Kitchen- Blinds, Shutters or Shades?


In order to boost the overall appearance of the house, whether it’s for re-decorating or selling purposes, many homeowners take their time in choosing the best fixtures, paint colors and curb designs for their property. But the most daunting task in redecorating and renovating your home is capturing the homey feel because you really need to pick the best ones. And when it comes to selection, choosing the best window covering treatment for the kitchen is the most frequent dilemma of most homeowners.


The kitchen is an integral part of the house because this is where the food is prepared and sometimes, the place where the whole family gathers as they prepare their meal. But to make this area inviting, everything should be in order. From the appliances to cabinets and countertops, to window coverings like kitchen blinds, shades or shutters, it has to be in place.


However, in providing full protection to the items that can be found in the kitchen from harmful UV rays that enter the window, what seems to be the best window covering among blinds, shutters and shades that do not compromise the kitchen style? Let’s find out.


Blinds – with the rise in the demands for blinds, it can now be bought in the market according to your preferred color, design and sizes. In fact, it can be made-to-measure for those homes and buildings that have a large building but want a practical window protection. What makes this window covering practically is that aside from its capability to control the light entering the house; it provides good insulation during hot and cold months. Best of all, it is easy to maintain and is made from durable materials that make it a good lifetime investment for your home.


Shutters – The shutters is considered as the most expensive option because the custom designs of such could be added to your bill. However, like blinds, it offers you privacy and durability yet it does not have the insulating features that blind offers


Shades – this is the alternative option for blinds if you want an affordable window covering. However, it does not provide the insulating qualities of that blinds but is considered to be an effective light blocker. This comes in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. All you need is to pick the ones that will complement the interior design of your home


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