How Can I Restore My Lenovo ThinkPad


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Learn How Can I Restore My Lenovo ThinkPad


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How Can I Restore My Lenovo ThinkPad:

How Can I Restore My Lenovo ThinkPad

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Lenovo ThinkPad comes in the category of laptop computers and now it has owned by IBM. Like many other laptop manufacturers, it also offers the restoration software on a partition of a laptop’s hard drive.

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With this software, you are able to format and restore your laptop completely back to its factory defaults. This process seems important when viruses, user error or other cases cause your Windows OS not to function properly.

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This recovery software can be accessed when your computer first rebooted. Please keep in mind this process results in the loss of all user data, therefore, you need to backup all important data before you proceed with this procedure.

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Read this blog these till the end and you’ll find the complete solution to restore your Lenovo ThinkPad and Lenovo Helpline Ireland team can also be contacted.

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Directions to follow : First, you’ll need to turn ON your PC or you need to restart your computer. Next, you have to press the service partition. Keep in mind that this message appears on your screen just for two seconds. In case, you miss this screen then you’ll need to reboot your system and then try again.

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After that, you have to select “Full recovery” from its main menu of the service partition and once you do so, you’ll need to follow the on-screen prompts in order to start the recovery of your system. Now you have to wait until this recovery procedure gets completed.

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After that, you’ll need to reboot your PC and then allow your Windows setup to finish re-installation of your software and drivers. You’ll need to permit the installation to complete and restart your PC again to complete this recovery process.

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Now you have to re-install any software and run Windows Update to make sure that you have installed the latest security updates and protection for your PC. You have to copy and back up the data to your hard drive on your computer.

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For more information, you can dial Lenovo contact number +353-768887727(Ireland ). Source

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