How Can I Program My Lenovo Keyboard


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Learn How Can I Program My Lenovo Keyboard


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How Can I Program My Lenovo Keyboard:

How Can I Program My Lenovo Keyboard

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Lenovo counts among the big giants of the PC and laptop manufacturers, as the brand is capable in delivering the best devices. The devices are made on the latest technology and its interface is quite easy that can be easily accessed with a non-tech savvy person.

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If you want to program the specific keys that are called multimedia keys on your Lenovo laptop or your computer’s keyboard you can do so. You just need to make use of dedicated utility key in your Control Panel.

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You’ll find this icon pre-installed on your all Lenovo PCs but note that you can find this ability in this brand only and you won’t be able to use these directions to program the keyboards of any other brand.

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You too can do so by using these given steps, in case, you want guidance from an expert then contact Lenovo support Ireland team.

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Directions to use : 1- First , it is necessary to turn ON your Lenovo laptop and next you have to press on “Start” and then navigate to “Control Panel.”

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2- After that, you have to double-click “ Keyboard ” icon and then you have to press on “Buttons” tab on a screen that opened.

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3- Once you do so, then you have to double-click on a button that you’d like to allot a function from its list. When you do so, it will open the button’s properties window and now you need to use the drop-down menu and then you have to choose a function for that button and once you are done, you can press “ Okay ” to close this window.

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4- You can repeat this above-given step for any other button for which you want to assign functions on your keyboard. Once you are done with assigning the function and configuration on your keyboard then you have to press “ Okay.”

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Follow these above-mentioned steps and you are able to program the specific keys on your keyboard of this brand. In case, need assistance in this regard, then make a call on Lenovo support number +353-768887727(Ireland ) . Source

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