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Looking for best infertility treatments in indore ? care women centre is one of the pioneers in IVF and infertility treatment in indore, Madhya Pradesh and one of the most trusted IVF treatment center in indore with high success rate.


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The psychological impact of infertility and it’s treatment:

The psychological impact of infertility and it’s treatment


According to Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, 10-14 percentage of the Indian couples of reproductive age are affected by the problem of infertility. Infertility and even its treatment have great psychological impact on couples who are unable to conceive and results in hopelessness, anger, frustration, guilt, anxiety, depression, marital problems and social isolation. Couples also may experience stigma and loss of self-esteem and low self image because of their infertility. It is found that females are more distressed than males, but males also end up being frustrated when infertility is attributed to a male factor. The couple have marked feelings of defectiveness and incompetence. Relationships with a spouse or partner or those with friends and family members may suffer a lot as they may unknowingly cause pain by offering well meaning but misguided opinions and advice. Infertile couples experience significant amount of stress due to medication side effects and uncertain outcomes of IVF. They may avoid interaction with the people having children and women who are pregnant. People who don’t have insurance coverage are worried about huge amount of money required for the expensive procedure and suffer with anxiety and stress. Couples who have experienced multiple failed IVF treatments are extremely worried and hopeless that they never can have a child. One partner may hide his or her infertile status and continue to suffer silently. Counselling, psychotherapy, relaxation techniques and medications play an important role in treating the couple who ride on a emotional rollercoaster during the treatment and because of infertility itself.

Counselling- :

Counselling- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is really helpful for the couples facing emotional turbulence. Relaxation techniques like mindfulness exercises, meditation, etc may help. Medications prescribed by psychiatrist for certain mental conditions like depression, anxiety may also provide some relief.


We are a dedicated Ivf centre in indore to address women’s health needs pertaining to areas like Infertility, Polycystic Ovaries, Endometriosis, Pelvic infections, and repeated pregnancy losses. By using the latest innovations in diagnosis and therapy most of these conditions are aptly treated . We at CARE believe in giving 100% .We strive to give personalized tailor made protocol according to patient situation and condition. Our evidence backed treatment protocols with state of the art ivf lab facility with in-house full time embryologist ensures that we get pregnancy rates at par international standards.

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