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This document provides information about the nature of mechanic services in Melbourne. There is a mention of the different types of car servicing and what all is included in it. The contact details of a reliable car service centre have been provided. This information is the most useful for those who want to know more about car service offered in Melbourne. Please feel free to contact us at (03) 9329 6000 or visit our website https://www.careplus.com.au for more information.


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Excellent Quality Car Servicing In Melbourne

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A mechanic in West Melbourne provides excellent quality vehicle repairs as per the requirements of the clients. The car service offered in East Melbourne is perfect for maintaining the vehicle in top working condition. Car service in West Melbourne will involve these services: • Oil filter checking and replacement • Brake fluid checking and top up • Antifreeze coolant checking and top up • Windscreen wash checking and top up • Full brake maintenance • Power steering maintenance • Checking the steering shock absorber suspension light windscreen wipers wheel alignment charging systems exhaust battery tyre tread and pressure The type of service offered varies and can include: • Interim or basic service • Filter and oil change • Major service • Manufacturer service Care Plus Auto offers the best quality vehicle maintenance services at quite an affordable rate. We are a world-class company and our services are useful in case of a breakdown or general wear and tear. We are accredited by VACC Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce and IAME Institute Of Automotive Mechanical Engineers. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and deliver complete satisfaction. Car servicing will not only improve the condition of the car but also make it last longer. Regular car servicing is provided as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and only good quality parts are used. Invest in the best quality car service in Melbourne.

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Contact us Care Plus Auto Services Address:- 27 Racecourse Road North Melbourne Vic 3051 Contact Number:- 03 9329 6000 Email:- servicecareplus.com.au https://www.careplus.com.au

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