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Obstetrics and Gynecology EMR:

Obstetrics and Gynecology EMR Special workflow integration of Ob/Gyn specialty

Ob / Gyn EMR:

Ob / Gyn EMR Suits the needs of Obstetrics and Gynecology specialty Work flow is not only restricted to the physician but extends to the nurses and assistants T wo unique work flows are kept separate , one for the Obstetrics and another for the Gynecology OB flow in the EMR follows the ACOG recommendations

Main Components…:

Main Components… Charting CC/HPI (OB/Gyn) ROS (OB/Gyn) Physical examination (OB/Gyn) Health maintenance (OB/Gyn) Immunization (OB/Gyn) Vitals Procedures template (OB/Gyn) Ante partum record (OB) Gestation calculator (OB) Treatment protocols including the labs and imaging services (OB/Gyn) Notes (SOAP format) Work flow configuration

Main Components…:

Main Components… Scheduler Billing Super bill configuration (OB/Gyn) Claim generation Electronic claim submission Payment posting (manual and automatic) Rebilling Reports

Main Benefits:

Main Benefits Standard documentation process for new OB visit and follow up OB Visit along with ante partum record Quick estimation of the expected date of delivery instantly with gestational calculator, which provides the EDD for LMP as well as ultrasound findings such as crown-lump ratio and biparietal diameter Charting elements are in two screens Prenatal 1 and prenatal 2. By this the physician can finish documentation much faster and view it without much navigation in the application The history section comprehensively captures the optimum data in past Obstetrics and past Gynecology history along with past medical, surgical, social and family history.

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