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Need customized hourly home care in New Jersey? Then choose the best—CareBridge Home Health Care. We employ only the most qualified caregivers that best fit our client’s individual needs while providing the most reliable and consistent care possible. Our NJ hourly home care service create a specific plan of personalized care while paying attention to specific needs of our clients. For a personalized care experience from our certified NJ home health aides, contact us online (www.carebridge.care) or visit us today!


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After being hospitalized for several days most people wish to recover in their homes. Similarly, elderly individuals prefer in-home health care instead of recovering or residing in skilled nursing facilities. Home health aides provide a variety of benefits to assist with daily life activities that include assistance with cooking, cleaning, and even bathing. To provide a proper home health care at home different types of equipment are being used for different purposes. A List of Necessary Equipment at Home for Home Health Aides Let’s learn more about the various equipment available in the home setting Medication Supervision Equipment – There are devices that are used for supervising medications in tablet, liquid, or aerosol form. These include dosing equipment (such as weekly pill boxes, cups, eyedroppers, etc.), nasal sprays, syringes and medical patches.

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Test Kits – These are the kits that are used to measure the presence of various chemicals in urine and blood. These include pregnancy test kits, stress hormone test kits, cholesterol test kits, allergy test kits, bladder infection test kits, HIV test kits, hepatitis C test kits and drug, alcohol, nicotine test kits. First Aid Equipment – This is the equipment that is used to take care of any injuries or temporary conditions. Bandages, ace bandages, compression stockings, snakebite kits, heating pads, traction, ostomy care, tracheotomy care and defibrillators are included under first aid equipment lists. Assistive Equipment – These devices are used for enhancing personal capabilities of the patient, such as their sensory abilities or mobility. This includes eyeglasses, hearing aid, dentures, prosthetic device, orthotic device (like braces), crutches, walker, wheelchair and scooter. Safety transfer equipment include hoyer lifts, transfer boards and sit-to-stand lifts.

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Long-lasting Medical Equipment – These are the medical devices that are used to support daily life activities, including beds and toileting equipment. This includes hospital beds with specialized mattresses, stair chairs, lift equipment, commodes, urinals and bed pans. Monitoring Devices – The devices can determine the health status or manage disease conditions. Those which come under monitoring devices include thermometers, stethoscopes, blood glucose meters, blood coagulation meters, pulse oximeters , weight scales, blood pressure monitors, apnea monitors, electrocardiogram monitors and fetal monitors. Treatment Equipment – This is equipment which is used for administering various medical therapies such as IV equipment, infusion pumps, dialysis machines and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation systems. These are atypical treatment equipment options that are used in very unique circumstances.

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Respiratory Equipment – Ventilators, oxygen cylinders, nebulizers, masks and cannulas , cough assist machines, suction machines, manual resuscitation bags and more are some of the respiratory equipment that are used to treat various respiratory conditions. Feeding Equipment – These devices are used for feeding the patient which include feeding tubes ( nasogastric , gastrostomy ) and enteral pumps. Emptying Equipment – Devices that are used for releasing urine or feces from the body such as catheters and colostomy bags are known as emptying equipment. Conclusion: CareBridge Home Health Care is a NJ home health care service provider who employs trained hourly caregivers in NJ, as well as, live-in caregivers who are licensed as a home health aide in NJ and only differ in the way they perform their shifts. They are well-known for employing quality and dependable health aides in NJ.

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Contact us for more Details: CareBridge Home Health Care 701 Brooklyn Blvd Sea Girt, New Jersey, 08750 Office: 732.722.7800 Fax: 732.722.7799 Email: info@carebridgehomecare.com https://carebridge.care/

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