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CareBridge Home Health Care has a team of qualified Dementia care specialists in New Jersey who know how to care for a person suffering from Dementia. We help in improving the overall well-being of our clients and try to facilitate a less stressful home environment. Our dementia specialists in New Jersey aim to provide cost-effective and superior quality care to our clients in their private home or facility setting. Feel free to call us at 732-722-7800 and learn more about our special care solutions.


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What is Dementia? It is a condition where the patient suffers from severe decline in mental ability which interferes and affects their daily lives. Alzheimer’s is the most common, whereas vascular dementia that occurs after a stroke is the second most common type of dementia. Few symptoms of dementia include memory loss, communication and language impairment, impaired visual perception and so on . When health of loved ones suffering with dementia is concerned we need to be extra careful, along with a lot of patience and time, to understand their needs. But do we actually have that much time and patience? Most of the time the answer will be a no! And it’s obvious because of hectic and tight schedules that bind us. But we ofcourse cannot ignore our loved ones as well.

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As an individual is diagnosed with dementia it is observed that there are a few peculiar changes in their behavior such as getting easily frustrated, feeling like they are not being understood, and helpless. Also certain changes in their ability to do normal chores can be noticed, for instance, they may seek help with money matters like managing bank accounts, paying bills and so on. Hence, providing proper care and support to loved ones suffering with dementia becomes quite challenging. Thus, support and guidance from professional home health care services becomes necessary . Home health care from reputable health care agencies offer various services that include maintaining home safety, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry services, companionship, calming stress and anxieties, assistance in exercises and other therapies, medication at proper time intervals and much more. All of these assistance and support methods help us in taking proper care of our loved ones suffering from this tenacious disease. Therfore , make them feel comfortable and confident enough to lead a self-assured life.

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Conclusion: If your loved one is also suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and you need Home Health Care Support in New Jersey , then, reach out to CareBridge Home Health Care, one of the most trusted health care agencies in New Jersey at and let your loved one find peace-of-mind struggling with cognitive disease. Contact us for more Details: CareBridge Home Health Care 701 Brooklyn Blvd Sea Girt, New Jersey, 08750 Office: 732.722.7800 Fax: 732.722.7799 Email:

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